Luxilon Alu Power/Rough

Luxilon Alu Power

Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power is the string of the champions. ALU Power is the most in demand synthetic string on the professional tour. This string embodies the next stage of evolution in the Luxilon Big Banger range and features a unique co-polyester construction with aluminium.
Alu Power provides a combination of power and control unequalled by any other synthetic string.

  • Construction: Monofilament Polyester
  • Color: Silver
  • Gauge: 1.25mm / 16L
  • Length: 726ft / 220m


Luxilon Alu Rough

This is the textured version of ALU Power. It has been designed with a rough surface to help the strings grab the ball (think spin). Like the standard version, this string has impressive feel for a firm co-polymer monofilament. It has been used in a hybrid by some of the greatest tennis players of all time. The low-powered response will enable you to take a full cut at the ball without losing control. As a result, you can generate massive stroke speed, which produces huge spin and impressive power. A great option for intermediate and advanced players who want durability, spin and precision.

  • Gauge: 16L/1.25mm
  • Length: 330ft/100m
  • Composition: Co-polymer nylon + Fluocarbon resin + aluminum fibers
  • Color: Silver