Tecnifibre Razor Code

he RAZOR CODE string is the most resistant and hardest to deform in this range with a composition that allows a lot of control. Leading brand in strings, Tecnifibre offers a wide range of strings dedicated to all levels and requirements of players. This string has been designed: For the very good demanding player looking for resistance and versatility For racquets over 300g Recommended for big string breakers Main material: Co-polyester Recommended tension between 22 and 25 kg Maximum tension: 32 kgs Recommended for big string breakers (> 10 hours of play) String made in France. Thermocore: Guarantees the greatest flexibility for polyester monofilaments to generate less fatigue. High-Modulus Polyester Compound: provides a firm feel and extreme durability Section: Round for versatility. 

BEST SELLER FOR GOOD PLAYERS A real + for big breakers. PLAYER RETURNS The strongest and firmest string but still more flexible compared to Blast or 4G.

  • Gauge: 17g/1.25mm and 18g/1.20mm
  • Length: 660ft/200m
  • Composition: Co-polyester Monofilament
  • Color: White and Blue