Yonex Vcore 98 2023


Grip Size: L3: 4 3/8"

L3: 4 3/8"
L2: 4 1/4"
L3: 4 3/8"

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Grip Size: L2: 4 1/4", L3: 4 3/8"
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The 2023 VCORE 98 maintains its reputation as a top-quality player's racquet with its updated beam design and improved touch. Similar to its predecessors, this racket excels in generating spin and provides excellent feedback to the player. While offering easier power compared to the VCORE 95, the VCORE 98 allows for a larger margin of error without compromising the precision desired by experienced players. It is also impressively fast, making it ideal for hitting winners on the move or reacting swiftly at the net. In the 2023 version, Yonex revamps the ISOMETRIC head shape, creating a more spacious and luxurious hitting area in the upper hoop. This results in a more forgiving and stable hitting experience, along with an expanded spin window and increased power potential. Yonex has also refined the VCORE shaft and made minor adjustments to the frame's beam.

Additionally, the 2023 version introduces SIF Grommets, which use silicone oil infusion to reduce friction between the string and grommet. This facilitates greater string movement, leading to enhanced snapback and more pronounced ball rotation. Yonex has also lowered the racket's RA (stiffness rating), contributing to an even smoother feel upon impact. Like its predecessor, this racket utilizes 2-NAMD FlexForce Graphite in the upper shaft and lower hoop, enabling optimal flex during impact. Overall, this redesigned VCORE 98 meets all the essential criteria. Experienced players seeking spin, precision, and a responsive feel should seriously consider this racket.