Tecnifibre Multifeel

Tecnifibre Multifeel gets a sleek black makeover! Like the original version, this string has a monofilament core surrounded by bundles of arm-friendly filaments. The result is a string that is easy on your arm while also delivering impressive control. Our playtesters found it to play with slightly more precision and predictability than the original Multifeel. We also found the feel to be more crisp. In addition to providing comfort seekers with more control, this string's abrasion resistant coating gives it an impressive level of durability for a soft string.

  • Gauge: 16g/1.30mm and 17g/1.25mm
  • Length: 660ft/200m
  • Composition: Solid Core (985 Composite multifilaments (60% of the total volume of the string) surround one Central Monofilament (20%) and string is immersed in Polyurethane (20%). Features an Anti-Abrasion Coating of Silicone Pyrogene Lubritec) 
  • Color: Black and Natural